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If Bar cooperates Judges are ready to sit on Saturdays to finish old matters ; CJI Thakur By: S.Nikhil Sankar | March 14, 2016 8 The greatest challenge posed by Judiciary in modern times is ‘crisis of credibility’ remarked Chief Justice of India, Mr T.S. Thakur .

He was speaking over at a function organized to commemorate the 150th year celebrations in connection with the establishment of Allahabad High Court. Citing huge pendency of cases as of grave concern, he opined that bar was at sometimes not co operative as it should be, in disposal of cases even if Judge’s were ready. Mr T.S Thakur further assured the bar that if lawyers were ready to co operate , Judges would be obliging to hold sittings even on Saturdays. This he expected would help in finishing back log of cases, including those of under trial prisoners who had been behind the bars for years altogether. Underlining the legacy of the bar of Allahabad High Court, citing stalwarts like Pandit Motilal Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Tej Bahadur Sapru, Kailash Nath Katju, C.J.I remarked that these legends of the bar had left behind a notable and visible mark for others to follow. He further added that it was a great pride for him, in remarking that these eminent personalities , belonged to his home State of Jammu and Kashmir. He further added a note of caution that one should not sleep over the laurels of achievement attained by great men like these in past years, but further should take efforts and crave to add on value to their efforts and aspirations. Mr Thakur, observed that Judiciary in modern times is facing challenges both from within and outside including public gaze and observation. Stressing on the importance of challenge from within he opined that it refers to the ‘crisis of credibility’ in running of the institution. He urged the “Judges to equip to the challenges and changes posed by situations in modern times to Judiciary and to overcome them conscientiously by ensuring them to effectively discharge their duties ,maintaining punctuality, ensuring judicial retribute and putting all efforts which is required as the need of the hour”. Read more at: RAGHU KUMAR PAMARTHI, Advocate, Cell:9160399989, 8143499989. e-mail: